Special dishes unique to Rangiroa, nurtured by the tropical island sun and sea.

  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy the distinctive ingredients of French Polynesian cuisine.

Tahiti boasts a wonderful fusion of French and Polynesian cultures, and meals here are a source of great pleasure.
We have prepared an assortment of special dishes which can only be enjoyed here in Rangiroa, such as fish dishes using fresh seafood, Rangiroa honey - the only honey produced in Tahiti - and Rangiroa wine made from grapes cultivated on the atoll island.

A Fusion of Local & French Cuisine: Vivid, Colorful Dishes

Enjoy the unique dining experience at Rangiroa: a beautiful blend of Tahitian and French cuisine with local fresh catch and ingredients in the likes of coconuts, fruits, vanilla, Rangiroa honey.Try the Possion Cru, fresh fish with lime and coconut, or dessert drizzled with Rangiroa honey and vanilla essence - experience the fusion of Polynesian and French cuisine, delicate and vivid in color.

A Fusion of Local & French Cuisine: Vivid, Colorful Dishes

Marinated Rangiroa Scallop

Rangiroa island is a thriving center of black pearl cultivation.The dish uses flesh from the black-lipped oyster -from which black pearls are cultivated- for an appetizer utilizing the perfectly tender texture of scallops. Enjoy the superb combination of delicately-flavored scallop meat and Rangiroa dry white wine.

Poisson Cru

Poisson Cru is a traditional Tahitian dish using fish and coconut. It makes use of the tuna and mahi-mahi which inhabit Rangiroa's enormous lagoon. The fish is dressed with coconut milk and lime or lemon juice, giving a refreshing flavor.It is a must-try dish for visitors to French Polynesia.

Rangiroa Honey

Rangiroa honey a famous product of the island - isproduced from a variety of tropical flowers and trees, such as the cocotier(palm trees)that grow wildly on the island.This famous Rangiroa specialty product is entirely handmade by local beekeepers and has a characteristically dark color and rich flavor,similar to molasses.We have prepared an original menu using this precious Rangiroa honey at our hotel. Two types of coktail, called"Le Sweet Honeymoon"(with honey, cocout milk and rum) and "Honey Rangi Matini"(using a honey and vodka base).Rangiroa Honey Ice Cream, with added amber-colored honey. All of these precious dishes can only be enjoyed in Rangiroa.

Restaurant & Bar

  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant Te Rairoa

The main dining, Te Rairoa, is situated in the middle of the resort. With high ceilings and wide-open space, typical of the tropics, the main dining has direct access to the terrace and the pool; the breeze from the lagoon draws in the tropical air to the dining area.
The restaurant is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Choose from a wide range of offerings from our menu, from casual and light meals to authentic French cuisine.

Breakfast: 7am-10am
Lunch: 12am-2pm
Dinner: 6:30pm-9pm
*No reservations necessary for restaurant.
Please come directly to the restaurant


The essence of Polynesian and French cuisine using fresh catch and locally grown produce often used in the tropics, come alive in the main dishes. Guests can choose from a variety of appetizers, main dish and dessert from the menu. The restaurant offers a full lineup of Tahitian cuisine and desserts using local flavors such as coconut milk, pineapples, and Rangiroa honey. The variety of choices will keep your palette thoroughly entertained during your stay.

Sample Menu
  • ・Mussels and Vegetable Soup 
  • ・Swordfish Coconut Curry 
  • ・Beef Rib Steak 
  • ・Homemade Rangiroa Honey Ice Cream 



Start your morning with a buffet style breakfast with fresh fruits and salad, various types of toast and cereal. American style warm breakfast such as bacon and eggs are also available à la carte.

Typical Breakfast
  • ・croissant
  • ・yogurt
  • ・bacon and eggs
  • ・fresh seasonal fruits
  • ・hash browns
  • ・fruit juice
  • ・salad
  • ・coffee



Choose from a wide range of offerings from light meals such as pasta, Tahitian style salad and sandwiches, to family style dishes from all over the globe.

Sample Menu
  • Club Sandwich
  • Spaghetti Bolognese 
  • Poisson Cru - Tahitian Tuna Salad 


Miki Miki Bar

Come relax at our water bar, suspended above the beautiful lagoon of Rangiroa.
From the terrace, enjoy the view of the picturesque Rangiroa Lagoon and watch the tropical fish swimming underneath your feet. Offering the best view in the entire resort - the sun setting in the lagoon is absolutely spectacular. The sky and the ocean turn red; a mesmerizing and romantic scene spreads before your eyes. The sun setting in the lagoon is an unforgettable sight reserved for guests of Rangiroa, with a 360-degree view of the ocean.
Offering a variety of tropical drinks, Hinano Tahitian beer and Kia Ora original cocktails for a night to remember.

Miki Miki Bar

Rangiroa Wine

The One-and-Only Coral Wine in the World

Rangiroa produces the world's only wine made from grapes grown in a coral atoll. A winery with a backdrop of coconut trees – a truly unique scene seen perhaps only in Rangiroa. Wine making started in 1992 by Dominique Orowa, a businessman from Normandy, France. After years of experimentation and hard work, the first wine was produced in 1999. Two types of grapes, the Carignan and Muscat Hamburg, are grown using the coral atoll soil and the abundant sunlight in Tahiti. Grapes are harvested twice a year in winter and summer, producing only 40,000 bottles annually, making this a rare wine.

The Rangiroa wine won the Silver Prize (two years in a row, in 2008 and 2009) at the Vinery International, an international tasting event. Its flavor has a hint of coral, and is rich and fruity in taste.
Sip on Rangiroa Wine during your stay, and ponder its history - a wine with such a unique & interesting story.