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Rangiroa, an enchanted island loved by divers worldwide

Rangiroa, known to locals as Rairoa, means “vast sky” in the Tuamotu language. As the name suggests, Rangiroa has a dazzling blue lagoon that reflects the vast sky overhead. The ocean around Rangiroa, admired by divers worldwide, continually ranks among the top diving destinations worldwide. Once you enter the water you will be overwhelmed by the unique blue world of Rangiroa stretching away in every direction as far as the eye can see.

Rangiroa’s topography and diving spots

Rangiroa has the second-largest lagoon in the world and the abundant plankton within the lagoon make it a paradise for a large number of fish. The best-known diving spot in Rangiroa is the Tiputa Pass. A “pass” is a natural waterway that forms at a gap in the atoll between the lagoon and the ocean. If you time your dive when the current is entering or leaving the lagoon, you can enjoy the thrill of swimming with a number of truly large sea creatures. You can dive 2 to 3 times per day and the Tiputa Pass is located just 5 minutes from the hotel by boat, making it easily accessible. The water in the Tiputa Pass is deep so most divers choose to drift dive, moving with the current. But there are also diving experiences to be done on the reef, as well as an aquarium for beginners, so there is diving for every level of skill and experience.

Encounter wild dolphins!A dramatic diving experience

At the Tiputa Pass, one of the finest diving spots in the world, you can swim with dolphins, an opportunity rarely seen anywhere else in the world. There are about 40 bottlenose dolphins that live in the pass who love to come and play with divers.This is truly and unforgettable experience. At the Tiputa Pass large sea creatures such as sea turtles, Napoleon fish and manta rays can be seen year-round. In the spring through to roughly September a school of sailfish is present and from December through April a large school of spotted eagle rays and at these times there is a higher probability of encountering hammerhead sharks which feed on these species.

A superb sea that can be enjoyed even by snorkeling

The attraction of snorkeling is that it permits even non-divers to move around in the water with ease. One of the great advantages of Rangiroa is that there is a superb snorkeling area in the lagoon right in front of the hotel, allowing you to enjoy the experience of snorkeling without any need to move around by boat. Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) can be checked out for free from the hotel’s activity desk. The bright, shallow waters, the sand interspersed with coral and the butterfly fish swimming by before your eyes make for the perfect image of Tahitian paradise.

The best season for diving?Year round!

The weather here is warm year round: the average air temperature throughout the year is a pleasant 27℃ and the average temperature of the seawater throughout the year is 26℃. Because the topography of Rangiroa is flat without any elevated areas, clouds form here only with difficulty and even within Tahiti the atoll is known for its exceptional weather. Rangiroa’s clear-sky index is extremely high, above 90% and little rain falls in Rangiroa even in the period December–March, which is considered Tahiti’s rainy season, making it possible to enjoy diving, snorkeling and the full resort life in comfort. And if it does rain in Rangiroa, clear skies return immediately.After a shower a rainbow can sometimes be seen arching across the lagoon, rendering the vast, unspoiled natural surroundings even more captivating.